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Get the facts about diabetic macular edema, including the different types and the doctors and specialists who treat it. He...

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He was rude and arrogant. Select a star to let us know how it was. Get the facts about diabetic macular edema, including the different types and the doctors and specialists who treat it.

At least I can still see out of my other eye that has a cataract. He wants his patient to show up for surgery two hours in advance, then you wait 3 hours. He did a cataract removal and lens implant. Board certifications provide confidence that this doctor meets the nationally recognized standards for education, knowledge and experience.

Reisner darrell s&mdating

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No pain, no complications; it couldn't have gone better. Avoid this so called Dr. He is arrogant, egotistical, and patients are his last concern. Darrell S Reisner is Great. This was done months ago. Eye looked like he used a pen knife. Roll the clock ahead to when I had the same symptom in the same eye and rushed to his office.

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