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But we all do it anyway, because it's way easier to give advice than to actually follow it. Whether it be the day after a...

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Youtube Video

What to say or do about this girl ?

Asad Ali: I like Croatian and Polish the most (NOT based on this video!)

Rafael Oli: Italian man :D

Yanni Leroux: So, after this I decided to go to Austria and touch every native girl from the very first minute on the dates.

EricTGK: These are all the things I love about Colombian woman. They are the best.

Wayne Vaughan: Russian truly is the sexiest language

CiarГЎnTheMan: I'm Greek and when people find out I don't like olives they always say But you're Greek, you have to eat olives! Like no.

Efrah Ronne: Actually I have a boyfriend.

Gasper Stucak: This video describes my Russian wife of 20 years PERFECTLY! Especially the sports and eating part!

MsJamusic: No Geordie accent? Dislike

May Gamis: Not drink like that and women made us to pay every time .

MrShadowtruth: My results were too disappointing as a polyglot-in-the-working to post my results.

Yamuchatube: What's the intro song?

NSdude T: I'm Brazilian and I can relate to this video so much lol

Kelly Cheong: Ahaha I am Portuguese and man i can say that that was def not Portuguese. what the hell was that? terrible hahaha need more practice

Chat chat dating jpg4 icdn imgchili vlad


Scared because I'm too nice???

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Who is 25 or older, single, and frustrated with the dating scene?

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LastKnownBeer: First guy just sang Kiss Kiss

Gloria San: Just goes to show American ignorance on a whole new level. using that flag (which hasn't been used since 180is an insult to the northern Irish!

Bitch Lasagna: Croatian is actually Serbian language, they just changed few words.

Eat Children: What about a French woman?

Holographic6: That is soooooo true! God, it makes me laugh so hard! Great job!

Samuel Pires: He looke like my cousin

Chocy Bear: Man too dark.

Dany Dants: Arabic women have a great semillarities hehe

LailaAlzahabi: Superficial (too faced)

Lamar Smith: Not sure if this is supposed to be a joke video.but if russian girls are really like this i need to travel abroad more

Goshujin-sama: Why are people so disgusting? asking a stranger if you want to have sex. no, i dont want your stinky cucumber! where are the morals these days.

Zeek Rewards: You Know You are Dating a GREEK Woman When. she had sex with Zeus.

With soccer fit essentially the better renowned make a fool of on the planet, it decidedly is not surprising that soccer betting in itself a million dollar industry. This weekend, Guangzhou China, more than 10 million U.

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Chat chat dating jpg4 icdn imgchili vlad

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