Zanilia zhao dating - Zanilia Zhao shuts down pregnancy rumours with picture

As reported on Tencent, the actress shared her experience of working with Lin during an interview recently, saying that while their...

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The answer, it seems, is yes. After multiple sightings and eventual denials from the two actors , new pictures of Zanilia, 30, and Shaofeng, 40, holding hands and going on dates made the rounds on the internet a few days ago, suggesting that they are more than just friends.

Last week, a fan spotted the two actors holding hands and walking along the streets of Beijing, but their identities were unverified as only their back views were captured. On top of that, although both of them wearing masks and caps, another photo of Zanilia lounging on an armchair—without her face mask—confirmed her identity.

The original post containing the pictures of Zanilia and Shaofeng was deleted after the news was published, and both actors and their agencies have yet to confirm or refute the new evidence that has surfaced. According to China media, sparks flew between the two Chinese actors after they worked on fantasy film The Monkey King 3 last year.

Shaofeng, one of the most in-demand actors in China, was in a three-year relationship with Chinese actress Nini prior to this. Their relationship ended in due to him allegedly cheating on her with another Chinese actress, Jelly Lin.

Chinese actors Zanilia Zhao or Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng sprung a surprise on fans when both parties formally announced information of their marriage on Weibo this morning. The two actors posted a picture of their hands holding their marriage certificates as well as a photo of themselves taken for the government issued certificate with two words: No further details were given about their relationship or when they started dating and if they are expecting a bun in the oven equal rumours suggested.

This is their first formal acknowledgement of their relationship. Prior to this pronouncement, a netizen revealed last week that Zanilia and Shaofeng were due to announce their relationship soon, but the actress was only able to do so after her two-year contract with her current manager has ended.

Zanilia made headlines last week when she and her overseer announced that they will be ending their business relationship of two years. After Zanilia announced her plans to fly unaccompanied, Chinese media reported that she will be sharing a publicity team with Shaofeng.

  • Are The Story of Ming Lan co-stars Zanilia Zhao (Zhao Li Ying) and Feng Shaofeng dating? The answer, it seems,...
  • Chinese actress Zanilia Zhao (Zhao Li Ying) recently announced that...
  • Earlier, a news report had shared pictures of Chinese actor Feng Shaofeng...


BIG NEWS Zhao Li Ying MARRIED to Feng Shao Feng 赵丽颖冯绍峰结婚! - Secret Hookup

Zanilia Zhao, William Feng Announce Marriage

The woman, who was dressed in a loose black dress and a jacket, looked to be pregnant, and was supported by a female friend at times. Login or Register before you can reply to shishi. This week, Zhao said on Weibo that she has parted ways with her manager of two years. Her acting have not improved much but she got famous because she looks very pretty now, and maintains herself a very good reputation regardless of what proofs were found.

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The same can also be seen in another scene where Zanilia and Lin spoke to each other on the bed. Names are unique; get yours today with a comment! Zanilia Zhao, Feng Shaofeng to wed in Europe this year? She may and I am stressing on the may have been seeing him before but there's been no physical proof!!!!!!

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Zanilia zhao dating

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IT'S OFFICIAL: Chinese actors Zanilia Zhao and Feng Shaofeng are now given about their relationship or when they started dating and if they. Have Chinese actors Zhao Liying and Feng...