Ballad of gay tony hookup guide - Grand Theft Auto IV Walkthrough

Grand Theft Auto 4 Walkthrough and Guide. As you progress through the story, Niko will be able to wine and...

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This will earn you the Crowd Helped requirement, and also help you a bit with not taking damage. The Ballad of Gay Tony" guide! When this first group is dead, you can proceed farther: On the ground inside an alley. Sign up for free!

Single Player Accomplishments B. It might be a good idea to save manually before this mission, so you can have a quick way to practice the Truck Landing requirement.

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All the three quests by Bulgarin are a bit harder than usual, and this one is particularly annoying because of the first part where you have to drive a very slow vehicle. Climb the fence and continue south. All of these targets will fire back at you this is a good way to make sure that you're destroying the patrol boat and not a random tourist; the other boats will be marked on the map and you can't really miss them , but it should be no problem.

Remember to zoom in with RT before shooting; then press A to start loading the shot, wait until the white bar goes up, and then press A again when the white bar, as it comes down, matches on the black bar. Has a decent rate of fire and range.

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GTA: The Ballad of Gay Tony Missions Walkthrough [100%] - Hookup Finder

As a matter of fact, its low zoom-in capacity will reduce the amount of error you can make when aiming for the heads. After that then you will end the mission and get the mission score for "I Luv LC": And, finally, you can shoot almost degrees from a vehicle good for slowing down Police pursuit and you can use three different weapons while driving Pistol weapon, Sub-Machine Gun weapon, Projectile weapon.

Then take care of the yacht. Castle Gardens has a large park that offers a view of the ocean to the south. Once you finally reach the airport itself, speed up and reach the plane before it takes off.

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