How to get over a bad proposal - You need to do over your proposal

I avoid talking about the "proposal" part of our life because a lot of people don't understand it. We are in...

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Big community funding update! How can I get past a disappointing marriage proposal? May 28, 8: And also, how do I overcome the shame associated with being disappointed? I love my boyfriend deeply, and I feel terrible even writing this. He recently proposed to me and I accepted. It was not a surprise that he was going to propose, since we went ring shopping a couple months ago, and he asked my ring size as far back as New Year's.

The only thing I didn't know was when and how. We were on vacation, and I had a suspicion that it might happen then. At one point I sensed that it was coming because he was behaving nervously and there were pointed silences.

Which totally sucks, but also can probably be forgiven. It's not enough to be happy, there must be knees, restaurants or something more unusual and straight from the movies, not tradition! I feel the same way about the wedding day, to a certain degree.

He didn't even bother putting clothes on while he proposed, and he just said "I've got something for you" and disappeared then came back with a ring. Our relationship was dysfunctional and she wasn't the right one for me. During important life events like this one.


Break Up PRANK turns into PROPOSAL! GONE WRONG! - Search & Find it in Seconds

Anyone, who got a proposal of union, which wasn't strange in anyway and to be sincere, very disappointing, but still said yes to it owing to you are sure that he is the one?

How do you behave with it? Embroidered yourself as an agony aunt? Unite your answer to this question! A reader, anonymous Wont, writes 25 May A female reader, anonymous Go, writes 4 August A female reader, anonymous writes 2 August

When people ask how he proposed, I would absolutely recommend AGAINST making some bullshit story up that's a horrible way to rub his nose in the fact that he dropped the ball and a shitty way to start your marraige.

Just, you know, not involving a toilet. I probably would, but that's not really who I am. He gave it to me a few weeks later, reminding me that I had already said yes, when I asked what it was.

After we got home, I was cranky as all hell. So, you might say she had grounds to be disappointed, but in fact we were both on the same page about something important: Get those skills before you start dress shopping.

Am i overreacting to this?

Or is your disappointment coming from somewhere deeper?
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How to Get Over a Bad Proposal - WeddingWire

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